Full Sun Compost

Full Sun Compost is currently available at:

Grogg's Green Barn

Grogg’s Green Barn.

10105 E 61st St.
Tulsa, OK 74133


Chemical Makeup of Full Sun Compost

1% Nitrogen

0.5% Phosphorus

0.5% Potassium

26% Organic Matter

2.6% Conductivity (desirable range for most plants/vegetation)

8.3 pH (indicates a more mature compost)

13.1 C:N ratio

Recommended application of compost:

Vegetable or flower gardens – Spread 1-3″ of compost and incorporate into soil at a recommended ratio of 1 part compost to 2 parts native soil.

Lawns – Aerate, then add up to 1/2″ compost when reseeding; rake into existing soil and water.