About Full Sun

Natalie & Don

Hi we’re Don and Natalie Mallory. Along with our three kids, we are Full Sun Composting. We have always composted in our backyard yet we felt like there was more we could do for Tulsa.

Full Sun officially began as a backyard dream in 2016. We began reading up about full scale commercial operations and then attended a 40 hour Compost Operators Training through the US Composting Council. After that, we were hooked! We began with a single partner in the winter of 2016 diverting their food waste and by the end of the year we had accumulated about 850 pounds. 2017 was a year of learning for us but by December we had diverted 32,000 pounds and knew we were onto something.

In 2018 we moved out of the backyard and into a warehouse in Catoosa. We were drinking from the fire hose now! In November of 2018 we partnered with the Metropolitan Environmental Trust (MET) launched the Great Pumpkin Rescue and rescued over 5,700 pounds of pumpkins. By the end of 2018 we surpassed 100,000 pounds of food waste diverted and have nearly 20 partner businesses who are committed to sustainability.

Come join us this year at your home or place of business.

Don and Natalie Mallory
(720) 201-0976